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Are you concerned you may have bed bugs? you can trust Exterminatorbugservices for bed bug treatment and services that eradicate bed bugs quickly. Our treatments range from standard solutions to K-9 bed bug inspections to progressive heat treatments. Your technician can advocate different treatment services reckoning on the specifics of the infestation. we recommend that you hire an expert pest control company at the earliest sign of bed bugs. Bed bugs unfold quick - each mature female bed bug will lay as several as 500 eggs in their short lifetime.
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Bed bug treatment options
Your Exterminatorbugservices technician will be able to review and advocate multiple solutions that are offered to bring your bed bug problem under control. we take a sensible and sensitive approach recognizing how emotional and stressful a bed bug infestation may be. Our use of trained bed bug dogs can facilitate to accurately observe and locate the presence of bed bugs. this may change us to supply targeted solutions to known bed bug hotspots.

Heat treatment for bed bugs
This environmentally-friendly method has now been adopted within the industry for bed bug control. Heat treatment is widely thought to be one of the most effective solutions for bed bugs. portable heaters, either electric or propane-fired, are accustomed step by step heat the ambient air among rooms to above 120º F while monitoring with strategically placed temperature sensors and infrared thermometers. This hot temperature is then held for one ½ to three hours or more betting on the extent of the infestation, and relative level of clutter within the treated rooms.