How to fix Roku error code 003

If you're obtaining the any of the higher than errors on your TV screen whereas attempting to attach your Roku Device with a wireless affiliation, follow the steps given below to repair it. Initial you would like to substantiate that square measure you ready to plug the Roku into the network by exploitation associate degree LAN cable? The most reason for the Roku Error Codes 003 is obsolete wireless computer code, however connecting your Roku Player to web exploitation associate degree coax cable permits the Roku to transfer the most recent and most fabulous computer code. Well, if you're ready to get into the network, you'll be able to either have this setup for good OR attempt connecting the Roku to the net whereas being on the coax cable and acquire past this obsolete computer code by change it. (It's a protracted method however a simple one, and you'll be able to do that simply if you follow the subsequent steps rigorously.) You'll be able to do this by pressing a mixture of buttons which will force a software package update. To try to that press the following buttons on your Roku remote:
Press the house button five times
Press the quick Forward button three times
Press the Rewind button two times